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special session: "Target efficiency of Minimum Income Schemes: a guide to a key policy tool in post-pandemic advanced societies"

Conferenza EAEPE 2022, 7 - 9 settembre 2022

organizzata da Massimo Aprea e Giovanni Gallo

La sfida del PNRR. La ricostruzione del welfare e le dinamiche della complessità

Conferenza ESPANET 2022, Unmiversità di Bari 1 - 3 settembre 2022

con la partecipazione di Eleonora Costantini

La finanza pubblica italiana. Rapporto 2021

Book presentation | 03/05/2022

Roma, Sala Zuccari (palazzo Giustiniani)

Convegno “Innovazione didattica e competenze. L’esperienza di Unimore”

Modena | 18 ottobre 2019

con la partecipazione di Paolo Silvestri

Le decisioni di politica fiscale per il 2019. Impatti e valutazioni

Rome | 17 Ocytober 2019

con la partecipazione di Massimo Baldini, Carlo Mazzaferro and Stefano Toso

Book launch | The Italian public finance. Report 2019 (La finanza pubblica italiana. Rapporto 2016)

Rome | 25 september 2019

Massimo Baldini presents The Italian public finance. Report 2019 (La finanza pubblica italiana. Rapporto 2019)

XII Espanet Conference 2019: TERRITORI DEL WELFARE (de-)globalizzazioni, innovazioni e conservazioni

Urbino | 19-21 September 2019

with the participation of Luca Bonacini and Sara Colombini


Modena | December 10th 2018

With the participation of Massimo Baldini and Maria Cecilia Guerra, this will be a meeting about the issue of challenges opened by the new millennium, from climate changes to planetary inequalities in acceding to food, water, energy, environment, education and health.

The major issues of the economic politics. Review of the Pensions Act: who will pay for young people’s pensions?

Bologna | December 3rd 2018

Speaking tour of the publishing Society “Il Mulino” about the issues of the economic politics with the participation of Carlo Mazzaferro.

A debate: equality currency

Bologna | November 27th 2018

With the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra and Stefano Toso

Art. 53 of the Constitution – Revenue progressiveness: Flat Tax: equal parts among unequal

Modena | November 27th 2018

Series of meetings “Equal before the law…70 years after the establishment of the Constitution!” supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation for social studies. With the participation of Massimo Baldini.

Panel discussion: When we were so close: Italy-Europe, what happened then?

Rome | November 16th 2018

With the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra

ESPON Scientific Conference 2018 "Building the next generation of research on territorial development"

London | 14th November, 2018

With the participation of Francesco Pagliacci

Presentation of citizenship research: a project for our children’s future

Castelfranco Emilia | November 7th 2018

An introduction to citizenship made by the Council Member for Education and Deputy Mayor of Castelfranco Maurizia Cocchi Bonora and Giuseppe Fiorani, who will show the findings of this research.

“solidER”: the third festival of Empori Solidali Emilia Romagna

Soliera (MODENA) | October 27th 2018

Giovanni Gallo and Marco Ranuzzini introduce the assessment of the social department store of Portobello.

A manifesto against inequality: how and why?

Modena | November 9th 2018

A “manifesto” supported by a team of scholars, who believe that contrasting inequality is a top priority for the benefits that may result in economy, society and democracy. Event planned within the framework of the 50 years of Marco Biagi Economics Department.

The first five years of Portobello

Modena | October 19th 2018

Presentation of the assessment of the social department store of Portobello

The government finance towards the 2019 Budget Law

Modena | October 12th 2018

Conference on the discussion of the contents of the Report which has been organized in the framework of the 50 years of Marco Biagi Economics Department

Conference "The Italian public finance towards the 2019 budget law"

Modena | October 12 2018

Conference organized within the fifty-year period of the Marco Biagi Department of Economics

Eleventh Conference | ESPAnet Italia “Beyond the continuity: welfare challenges in a global world”

Florence | September 13th – 15th 2018

With the participation of Giovanni Gallo, Marco Ranuzzini and Francesco Pagliacci

Presentation of the volume: The Italian public finance. 2018 report.

Rome, Chamber of Deputies | September 13th 2018

Massimo Baldini introduces the volume “The Italian public finance”

Together to grow up. Immigrants’ impact on Italian economy

Carpi, Auditorium San Rocco, April 7th 2018, 9,45 a.m.

Together to grow up. Immigrants’ impact on Italian economy

Presentation of the book “The Italian Public Finance”

Novara | November 14th 2017

Presentation of Giampaolo Arachi’s and Massimo Baldini’s book with the curators’ participation

Migration Festival 2017 “The right to travel: to leave, to arrive and to remain”

Modena | October 20th- 22th 2017

With the participation of Massimo Baldini in the meeting about “Inequality, poverty and migration” that will take place on Saturday 21st October within the Law Department.

Conference “For a good and full employment”

Modena | October 20th 2017

With the participation of Tindara Addabbo in the session about Conversations in terms of labour relations “What policies to contrast discriminations in employment?” and of Maria Cecilia Guerra in the panel discussion “Left-wing dialogues for job and knowledge. With full rights for everyone”.

Third National Conference on Family "The stronger the family, the stronger the country"

Rome | 28 e 29 September 2017

With the participation of Massimo Baldini on the theme "Family, Taxes and Money Transfers in Italy" in the Working Group "Proposals and Perspectives for a tax system supporting families".

The tenth conference ESPAnet Italia: Welfare and the losers in globalization: the social policies in front of new and old inequalities

Forlì | September 21st – 23rd 2017

Sessions on the study of the welfare policies with the participation of Massimo Baldini, Sara Colombini and Giovanni Gallo.

Conference “The Italian Public Finance between adjustment of the accounts and structural reforms”

Rome, September 13th 2017

This conference will address the issue of the fiscal developments in view of the autumn maneuvering beginning from the assessment contained in the volume by Giampaolo Arachi and Massimo Baldini “The Italian Public Finance: 2017 report”.

7th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality ECINEQ

New York | 17th-19th July 2017

Luca Silvestri presents the paper "Quality of government and subjective poverty in Europe", by Massimo Baldini, Vito Peragine and Luca Silvestri.

Let us help each other out: a law enforcement project against poverty between services and volunteering

Rome | July 6th 2017 2,00 p.m.

Marco Ranuzzini introduces the research findings on the effects of the 2015 anti-crisis plan on the beneficiaries of the law enforcement project against poverty between services and volunteering carried out in Terre d’Argine Union.

JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! Policies against poverty. Where do we go from here?

Modena | June 8th 2017 6,00 p.m.

Massimo Baldini talks about this issue and the policies against poverty with Elisabetta Gualmini, Deputy Chair and Alderwoman to Emilia-Romagna region social policies in the meeting supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation.

School, Freedom and Justice: “A jobless society?”

Bologna | May 6th and 20th 2017

Two study days in order to understand Italy today and perhaps the world of tomorrow with the participation of Tindara Addabbo, Giuseppe Fiorani and Stefano Toso.

Assessment of the teaching activity in university

Ferrara | May 19th 2017

Paolo Silvestri participates in the meeting with the experience of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: “From the Joint involvement to quality”.

JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! Microcredit: a tool for social inclusion?

Modena | April 3rd 2017 5,00 p.m.

Enrico Giovannetti discusses the issue of microcredit as a tool of social cohesion with Giorgio Bonaga, Francesca Crivellaro and social agents of the territory in the meeting supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation.

Rossi-Doria Centre: presentations of books on inequalities

Rome | March 9th 2017 3,30 p.m.

Maria Cecilia Guerra participates in the discussion with the authors Maurizio Franzini and Mario Pianta (Inequalities: how much are them, how can we fight against them, ed. Laterza) and Elena Granaglia and Magda Bolzoni (The minimum income, ed. Ediesse).

LISER Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research: Research Seminar

Luxembourg | February 16th 2017 H. 12:00

Giovanni Gallo presents the paper "Social transfers and poverty in Europe: comparing exclusion and targeting across welfare regimes".

JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! In memory of Tony Atkinson.What can we do against inequality today

Modena | February 14th 2017 6,00 p.m.

Paolo Bosi discusses the issue of inequality in the meeting supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation.

Solidarity income in Emilia-Romagna

Modena | February 9th 2017 8,45 p.m.

Massimo Baldini participates in the discussion about the income support measures enhanced by Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Modena.

JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! “In the same boat”, documentary movie produced and directed by Rudy Gnutti

Modena | January 23rd 2017 5,30 p.m.

JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! “In the same boat”, documentary movie produced and directed by Rudy Gnutti

To get an idea!

Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation | 13/10/2016

To get an idea!

Conference "Italian Public Finance"

Rome | 13 September 2016

Massimo Baldini and Giampaolo Arachi present the volume "Italian Public Finance"

Children's conditions in Modena: perceptions and local strategies

About Ermanno Gorrieri's social studies project | 17/05/2016 | h. 18.00

Modena | Europa Palace | Via Emilia Ovest 101

14th International Conference on Pension, Insurance and Savings

Paris | Dauphine University | 09/05/2016

Giovanni Gallo: Individual heterogeneity and pension choices: How to communicate an effective message?

EGPA Spring workshop 2016

Modena | DEMB | 05-06/05/2016

Anna Francesca Pattaro, Marco Ranuzzini: Emergency  response among rules and reality. Extraordinary accounting in Emilia-Romagna earthquake.

Demographic transition, demographic polarization and structural disequilibrium in the labour market

Michele Bruni's seminar for researchers and students: a proposals for a new research agenda

Fondazione Marco Biagi | 21/04/2016 h: 14.30

Building the Welfare of Rights

Third national meeting for a reform proposal | 08/04/2016

Milan | Centro Servizi, building of the Banca Popolare of Milan | Conference hall | via Massaua 6

BOMOPAV Economics Meetings 2016

Joint Workshop by the Departments of Economics of: Bologna, Modena-Reggio Emilia, Padova, and Venezia | 06/04/2016

Bologna| Aula 11 - Department of Economics – Piazza Scaravilli 2

Policies coping with equity. The support to the active inclusion and the role of the local institutions

Municipality of Modena | 15/01/2016 | h.18:00

Modena | Palazzina Pucci - via Canaletto 108

Liberism, human development and welfare model

Seminar | 10/11/2015 | h. 17:30

Modena | Chiostro via San Giminiano 3

Growth and new policies against the new poverties

International day for the eradication of poverty | 17/10/2015 | h. 18:00

Bologna | Casa del Popolo Leonido Corazza, Sandonato (BO)

Eighth Report on the elderly in the Provincia of Modena 2010-2014

SPI CGIL | 15/10/2015 | h. 9:30-12:00

Modena | Camera del Lavoro di Modena - Piazza Cittadella 36

The Italian public finance 2015 Report

Presentation of the book | 22/09/2015

Rome | Unicredit - Sala Minerva via Lata 3 (angolo via del Corso)

Disability costs and disability benefits for older people

House of Lords Seminar “Meeting the costs of disability and independent living” | 24/06/2015

media coverage: The Guardian; BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight.

Dialogue on evaluation and innovation in local government

DEMB, CAPP e Progetto Energie incontrano Center for Local Governance (CLG) | 10-11/05/2015

Modena | Marco Biagi Economics Department

In-depth analysis of the ICESmo3 survey

Seminar | 8/05/2015 | h. 9:30

Modena | Marco Biagi Economics Department

Income and well-being of the family living in a Modena

E. Gorrieri's Foundation, Discourse on Inequality | 04/04/2014 | h. 18:00

Modena | Palazzo Europa - via Emilia Centro 101

COME UN PAESAGGIO. Pensieri e pratiche tra lavoro e non lavoro

Presentation of the book | 10/01/2014 | h. 17:30-19:00

Modena | Marco Biagi Economics Department, aula 4 - Viale J. Berengario 51

Active Inclusion Strategy (SIA) for Italy

Workshop | 03/12/2013 | h. 13:30

Milano | Bocconi University , room AS02 - via Roentgen 1

Retirement, participation rates and economic downturn in Italy: assessing the relationship through CAPP_DYN

Workshop "Tackling Pensions Challenges in Europe - Better policies through better modelling" | 27/11/2013


Analysis and proposals for the district welfare system

Seminar | 28/10/2013 | h. 14:30-20:00

Mirandola | Municipio di Mirandola (Town hall), Sala Consiliare - Via Giolitti 2

An impoverished society: reflections to reorient policies

Conference | 11/10/2013 | h. 9:30

Bologna | Aula Magna (lecture hall) - Viale A. Moro 30

Well-being in the provincia of Modena. Social and healthcare system: challenges for the future?

Workshop | 04/10/2013 | h. 9:45

Modena | Auditorium "Marco Biagi" - Largo Marco Biagi 10

Building the welfare of the future

Research | 26/09/2013


The Italian public finance - 2013 Report

Presentation of the book | 17/09/2013

Roma | Camera dei Deputati (Chamber of Deputies), Palazzo Marini

Housing, Inequality and Welfare

Workshop CRISS and La Sapienza University | 09/05/2013 | h. 10:45

Roma | Economics Department, Palazzina della Presidenza, Sala del Consiglio

National conference for the study and comparison of INCOMES, WORK and FAMILIES. Inequalities and redistributive policies during the economic recession

Palazzo Europa, Modena, 23 - 24 novembre 2012 Sala Ermanno Gorrieri

with the partecipation of M.C.Guerra, M.Baldini, S.Toso

Opening of the academic year of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Lectio magistralis on the theme “the welfare during the economic recession” by prof. M.Cecilia Guerra

Modena | 29 ottobre 2012

Professor Maria Cecilia Guerra State Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies

Pension reform and labour market in Italy. Discovering the matching through dynamic microsimulation

European meeting of international microsimulation association | 17-19/05/2012


R&D policy impact evaluation: methods and results

International Workshop | 03-04/11/ 2011


Panel discussion: Mum, are you coming to school?

Parents committee for the day care centres and nursery schools of Bologna | 08/10/2011


Renovating the Welfare. Transformation processes in Italy and Europe

Fourth annual conference ESPAnet Italia | 29/09/2011 - 01/10/2011


Planning the Welfare of the future

Social and Healthcare Outlook Conference | 29/09/2011