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The micro-simulation models are an importante tool of  CAPP for the analysis of  social policies and their effects at a national level.

The CAPP developed a static micro-simulation model called MAPP (static micro-simulation model for the analysis of public policies in Italy) and a dynamic population-based model called CAPP_DYN (dynamic population-based micro-simulation model).

Furthermore, the CAPP researchers contributed to the development of Euromod , the European tax-benefit micro-simulation model as part of the projects coordinated by the Micro-simulation Unit of the University of Essex (UK). 

Since 2002 the micro-simulation models have been used for the analysis of the ICESmo sample survey data (the ICESmo acronym stands for “survey on the economic and social conditions of the families living in the provincia of Modena”). The aim of this sample survey is to analyse the local welfare system and evaluate public policies effects.