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Welfare and taxation

The “Welfare and taxation” research area includes projects carried out by Massimo Baldini, Paolo Bosi,  Sara Colombini, Maria Cecilia Guerra, Daniela Mantovani, Carlo Mazzaferro,  Paolo Silvestri, Stefano Toso.

This research area is essentially aimed at evaluating fiscal policies, both at the local and national level, with a particular focus to policies addressed to family support, poverty, health, long term care, pension systems, education and housing.

Static and dynamic micro-simulation models play an important role. The models  have been thoroughly developed by the CAPP research centre and have contributed to the analysis of the redistributive effects, organization and financing of the welfare policies and services.

For this research area, collaborations with many  research centres and local, national and international institutions have been started. Blogs and news articles on current themes have been mainly realised in collaboration with the website