Conference “The Italian Public Finance between adjustment of the accounts and structural reforms”

Rome, September 13th 2017

This conference will address the issue of the fiscal developments in view of the autumn maneuvering beginning from the assessment contained in the volume by Giampaolo Arachi and Massimo Baldini “The Italian Public Finance: 2017 report”.

The Italian Public Finance between adjustment of the accounts and structural reforms

September 13th 2017

Republic Senate

Hall Santa Maria in Aquirico

Piazza Capranica 72, Roma

Programme and invitation (PDF)

  • 3,00 p.m. Initial greetings: Giuseppe Scognamiglio ((Executive Vice President for Group Institutional & Regulatory Affairs, UniCredit)
  • 3,05 p.m. Taxes and expenditure reforms: assessment and proposals of the 2017 report on public finance Giampaolo Arachi (University of Salento) e Massimo Baldini (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • 3,30 p.m. Flexibility and rules: a first legislature’s report and future prospects Fedele De Novellis (Research Contact point) Comment by Paolo Guerrieri Paleotti (Senator of the Republic)
  • 4,10 p.m. Good school and university Daniele Checchi (University of Milan) Comment by Andrea Gavosto (Agnelli Foundation)
  • 4,50 p.m. Fiscal decentralization and regional autonomy: towards a more equitable and sustainable model? Maria Teresa Monteduro (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance) Comment by Gianclaudio Bressa (Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in terms of regional Affairs and Autonomies)
  • 5,30 p.m. Conclusions by Enrico Morando (Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance)