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About CAPP

CAPP – Research Centre for the Analysis of Public Policies carries out research and consulting activities on social and fiscal policies to both public and private bodies, with particular attention to the study of distributive effects.

Over the years, other complementary research areas concerning welfare , innovation and territorial systems have been combined with the main research area.

CAPP develops and uses micro-simulation models for the applied analysis and since 2000 carries out the ICESmo investigation on the economic and social conditions of the householdsf living in and around the city of Modena. The CAPP researchers apply multivariate analysis methods, input-output analysis, counterfactual analysis, spatial analysis of the data, analysis of the social networks, and automatic analysis of the texts. Furthermore, they develop computational models for the simulation of economic behaviours. In addition to ethnographic research, focus group and qualitative interviews, the CAPP carries out panel and sample surveys; its latest research use open data and big data and it experiments applied economics with the collaboration of REBEL.

CAPP fosters interdisciplinary work teams and organises conferences and seminars in  a collaborative network with Italian and foreign institutions and research centres.

CAPP's members are faculty and researchers of the “Marco Biagi” Economics Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and of academic and research institutions in Italy and United Kingdom.