Conferences, seminars and workshops

Paolo Bosi Professor Emeritus

Modena, lecture hall of the Rectorate, 18th april 2018, 10.30
Paolo Bosi Professor Emeritus

Well-being in the Emilia-Romagna region: the gender budgeting from Region to city councils

Bologna, Sala Polivalente Guido Fanti, 10th April, 2018, 9.30 - 13.00
Well-being in the Emilia-Romagna region: the gender budgeting from Region to city councils

Workshop: "Semantic analysis for innovation policy"

Parigi | 12-13 marzo 2018
Workshop organized by OECD with the participation of Margherita Russo and Pasquale Pavone.

Study Day "Sequenza sismica Storie di ricostruzione tra l’Emilia e il Centro Italia"

Modena | 13 January 2018
The Modena Photography Foundation promotes a Study Day at the Chamber of Commerce with the participation of Margherita Russo on "Changes in the study of the socio-economic effects of the earthquake: models, data, analysis tools

Workshop "Reserach, innovation and networking for the Alpine region"

Munich | 24 November 2017
Margherita Russo participates at the Action group 1 Workshop at the 1st Annual Forum of the EU strategy for the Alpine Region.

Presentation of the book "Italian public finance"

Novara | 14 November 2017
Presentation of the book edited by Giampaolo Arachi and Massimo Baldini

Seminars "The voices of regional policy actors"

Modena | 9-30 November 2017
Paola Bertolini organizes the seminars within the course of Regional Policy, Master in Economics and Public Policies.

Festival of Migration 2017 "The right to go: leave, arrive and stay"

Modena | 20-22 October 2017
Massimo Baldini participates in the meeting about "Inequality, poverty and migration" held on 21dt of October at Law Department.

Conference: "For a full, high-quality employment"

Modena | 20th October, 2017
Tindara Addabbo participates in the session "Talks about labour relationships" with a speech entitled "Which policies to contrast discriminations inthe workplace?". Maria Cecilia Guerra participates in the roundtable "Dialogs about work and knoledge. Rights for everyone".

12th Nordic Conference on Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Gothenburg | 5-6 October
Francesca Pancotto presents the results of the project "Energie Sisma Emilia": The effect of a natural disaster on the​ contribution to the public good. A lab-in-the field experiment, by F. Pancotto​, S. Righi​, M. Russo



Well-being in the Emilia-Romagna region: the gender budgeting from Region to city councils

Bologna, Sala Polivalente Guido Fanti, 10th April, 2018, 9.30 - 13.00

On tuesday, 10th of April, 2018, the second edition of the Gender budget of the Emilia Romagna Region will be presented to the Assemblea legislativa dell'Emilia-Romagna. In this occasion, will be presented also the guidelines for the implementation of the gender budget of the City Councils of the Region. Both the publications have been realized with the collaboration of CAP (University of  Modena e Reggio Emilia).
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Latest publications

Ageing, the socioeconomic burden, labour market and migration. The Chinese case in an international perspective

Michele Bruni
GLO Discussion Paper Series, n. 222

La redistribuzione nel sistema pensionistico pubblico

Mariella Cozzolino, Carlo Mazzaferro

A Methodological Approach To Investigate Interactive Dynamics In Innovative Socio-Economic Complex Systems

Riccardo Righi
Italian Journal of Applied Statistics

Uguali, ma diversi: i pensionati secondo la riforma Di Maio

Carlo Mazzaferro 29/06/2018

Is the Italian NDC pension system really sustainable? Parameters’ design and consistency

Carlo Mazzaferro
CAPP Working Paper n. 164

"E anche se sale il Pil, aumentano i poveri" e "Cresce la povertą tra stranieri e italiani e italiani"

Massimo Baldini, Francesco Daveri 29/06/2018

If poor become even poreer

Stefano Boscolo, Giovanni Gallo 01/06/2018

A comparative evaluation of regional subsidies for collaborative and individual R&D in small and medium-sized enterprises

Annalisa Caloffi, Marco Mariani, Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo
Research Policy, Published online: 16 May 2018

Socioeconomic effects of an earthquake: does spatial heterogeneity matter?

Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita Russo
Regional Studies, Published online: 24 May 2018

Food waste as a (negative) measure of social capital. A study across Italian Provinces

Simone Piras, Francesca Pancotto, Simone Righi, Matteo Vittuari, Marco Setti
CAPP Working Paper n. 163