Conferences, seminars and workshops

Rossi Doria Centre: Discussing Books on Inequalities

Rom2 | March 9th 2017 h. 15:30
Maria Cecilia Guerra discusses with the authors Maurizio Franzini and Mario Pianta (Inequalities: how large are and how to fight them) and Elena Granaglia and Marga Bolzoni (The Basic Income).

Conference: help one another: from the economic need to self- sufficiency

Carpi | February 25th 2017 h. 9:00
Marco Ranuzzini presents the result of a CAPP research on the distributional effects of the 2015 Anticrisis Program

LISER Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research: Research Seminar

Luxembourg | February 16th 2017 H. 12:00
Giovanni Gallo presents the paper "Social transfers and poverty in Europe: comparing exclusion and targeting across welfare regimes"

PER FARSI UN’IDEA! Ricordando Tony Atkinson. Cosa fare contro la disuguaglianza, oggi

Modena | February 14th 2017 H.18:00
Paolo Bosi discute il tema della disuguaglianza nell'incontro promosso dalla Fondazione Ermanno Gorrieri

Reddito di Solidarietà in Emilia-Romagna

Modena | February 9th 2017 H. 20:45
Massimo Baldini partecipa alla discussione sulle misure di sostegno al reddito promosse dalla Regione Emilia Romagna e dal Comune di Modena

Workshop: L’industria automotive italiana: quadro attuale e scenari futuri

Venezia | December 16th 2016
Margherita Russo participates in the Round Table at the presentation of the 2016 Report of the Observatory on Italian automotive components.

Measuring the impact of academic research: best practices and open questions

London | December 2nd 2016
Federica Rossi presents "Academic engagement as knowledge co-production, and the implications for impact: evidence from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships"

Conference "Do it before!"

Modena | 26 november 2016
Margherita Russo presents a report about the results of the Energie Sisma Emilia Project

Concersations about city. Recycle industrial districts.

Modena | 21 november 2016
Margherita Russo participates

ICAS VII – Seventh International Conference on Agriculutral Statistics

Roma | 26-28 ottobre 2016
Francesco Pagliacci presents "Measuring EU Rurality: An updated Peripherurality Indicator" at VII International Conference on Agricultural Statistics



The Italian tax system (I tributi nell'economia italiana Edizione 2017)

Paolo Bosi and Maria Cecilia Guerra

A new release of the book , which provides a clear statement of existing taxes in Italy , interpreted in the light of the principles of efficiency and equity . .

Collana "Itinerari" de Il Mulino, Bologna.


Well-being approach to Gender budgeting

Meeting with the Senegal delegation for the signing of a research agreement |Modena, February 22nd 2017

The meeting will be held in Modena with the participation of the Director of the “Marco Biagi” Department, members of the CAPP Center and the Senegal delegates of Ministry of Finance, Economy and Programming and of a representative of the Kaolack Municipality.


Trends in inequality: social, economic and political issues

International Conference on Inequality | Bologna 2-4 November 2017

The aim of the conference is to bring the discussion on recent trends in inequalities in the spotlight of the debate among political circles and policy makers. Topics will provide wider scope to the conference, ranging from the concept of inequality to the potential policies. Specific attention will be devoted to consequences of the various forms of inequality observed worldwide, both economic and non-economic ones.
All the info at:
CAPP is one of the promoting institutions.


Universal basic income or minimum income?

Stefano Toso

The conflict between Universal basic income or minimum income is the theme of the book by Stefano Toso, that discuss of positive and negative aspects of the two systems that are seldom confused in the public debate.


Giacomo Becattini (1927-2017)

In memory of a teacher

Our thoughts turn to the many things he taught us and that we continue to teach our students>>



Latest publications

Italy: industrial relations and inequality in a recessionary environment

Anna Maria Simonazzi and Giuseppe Fiorani
Robert Vaughan-Whitehead (ed), Inequalities and the World of Work: What Role for Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue?, ILO/EC conference Volume

Minimum income of inclusion: a good first step

Massimo Baldini 14/03/2017

Quality of government and subjective poverty in Europe

Massimo Baldini, Vito Peragine, Luca Silvestri
CAPP Working Paper n. 149

Energie Sisma Emilia. Database user guide 'Energie_I400 Survey'

Riccardo Righi, Francesco Pagliacci, Margherita Russo
CAPP Working Paper n. 148

Enhancing the resilience of social infrastructures: issues on agents, artefacts and processes. Proceedings of the 2016 Modena Workshop

Francesco Pagliacci, Simone Righi and Margherita Russo (eds) in collaboration with M.Casoni, M.Farinosi, L.Fortunati, C.Garzillo, M.Guggenheim, P.Lauriola, B.Oppi, S.Pedrazzi, K.Petersen, M.Villan
CAPP Working Paper n. 147

Universal or selective? New policies against poverty and the problem of targeting

Massimo Baldini, Cristiano Gori
CAPP Working Paper n. 146

No-tax area e quattordicesime, cosa cambia per i pensionati

Massimo Baldini, Elizabeth Jane Casabianca, Elena Giarda 08/11/2016

There is no need to close Equitalia

Maria Cecilia Guerra
Huffingtion Post 18/10/2016

Lights and shadows of the tax decree

Silvia Giannini, Alessandro Santoro 18/10/2016

The Italian public finance. Report 2016 (La finanza pubblica italiana. Rapporto 2016)

Giampaolo Arachi and Massimo Baldini (eds)
The Italian public finance. Report 2016 (La finanza pubblica italiana. Rapporto 2016)