Conferences, seminars and workshops

Workshop: "Semantic analysis for innovation policy"

Parigi | 12-13 marzo 2018
Workshop organized by OECD with the participation of Margherita Russo and Pasquale Pavone.

Study Day "Sequenza sismica Storie di ricostruzione tra l’Emilia e il Centro Italia"

Modena | 13 January 2018
The Modena Photography Foundation promotes a Study Day at the Chamber of Commerce with the participation of Margherita Russo on "Changes in the study of the socio-economic effects of the earthquake: models, data, analysis tools

Workshop "Reserach, innovation and networking for the Alpine region"

Munich | 24 November 2017
Margherita Russo participates at the Action group 1 Workshop at the 1st Annual Forum of the EU strategy for the Alpine Region.

Presentation of the book "Italian public finance"

Novara | 14 November 2017
Presentation of the book edited by Giampaolo Arachi and Massimo Baldini

Seminars "The voices of regional policy actors"

Modena | 9-30 November 2017
Paola Bertolini organizes the seminars within the course of Regional Policy, Master in Economics and Public Policies.

Festival of Migration 2017 "The right to go: leave, arrive and stay"

Modena | 20-22 October 2017
Massimo Baldini participates in the meeting about "Inequality, poverty and migration" held on 21dt of October at Law Department.

Conference: "For a full, high-quality employment"

Modena | 20th October, 2017
Tindara Addabbo participates in the session "Talks about labour relationships" with a speech entitled "Which policies to contrast discriminations inthe workplace?". Maria Cecilia Guerra participates in the roundtable "Dialogs about work and knoledge. Rights for everyone".

12th Nordic Conference on Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Gothenburg | 5-6 October
Francesca Pancotto presents the results of the project "Energie Sisma Emilia": The effect of a natural disaster on the​ contribution to the public good. A lab-in-the field experiment, by F. Pancotto​, S. Righi​, M. Russo

Third National Conference on Family "The stronger the family, the stronger the country"

Rome | 28 e 29 September 2017
With the participation of Massimo Baldini on the theme "Family, Taxes and Money Transfers in Italy" in the Working Group "Proposals and Perspectives for a tax system supporting families".

X Conference ESPAnet Italia: "Social policies between new and old inequalities"

Forlì | 21-23 September 2017
Sessions dedicated to the study of welfare policies with the partecipation ofMassimo Baldini, Sara Colombini and Giovanni Gallo.



In memory of Andrea Ginzburg

March 3rd 2018

CAPP shares the grief of Andrea’s family, friends and colleagues, who have lost a friend, a schoolmaster and a unique colleague. CAPP shares the thoughts of those who remember Andrea for his own intellectual vitality, willingness to listen, deep and insightful theoretical considerations as well as for his passionate policy commitment.


"Fate Prima" Magazine

In the range of "Fate Prima", a project about education to civil protection promoted by Order of Engineers of Modena that involvs CAPP thanks to the agreement signed this year, the Magazine "Fate Prima" has been created.
The Magazine aims at giving voice to this porject.  In the first issue, a contribution by Margherita Russo about resilient communities appear.

> leggi la rivista


RE-SEARCH ALPS: a first map of european research

a european reasearch project developed by DEMB and DIEF

Research Laboratories in the Alpine Area is a euopean project coordinated by UniMoRe that aims at creating a first mapping of 250thousand research organizations that operate in the area analysed in the research framework.
The objective is the creation of a tool that could connect firms and scientific organizations.
>> news on UniMoRe Magazine


Workshop CAPP: Innovation policies

DEMB July 14 2017 h. 10:30-17:00

An opportunity to discuss the research results produced by a CAPP research team on two empirical analyses carried out in cooperation with Regione Toscana and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. A special session of the workshop will be devoted to the More-Alps project >>>


In memory of professor Lorenzo Bianchi

July 13th 2017

It is with a deep sadness that the SIE announces the passing away of Lorenzo Bianchi, full professor of Economics at Università Ca' Foscari. Renzo Bianchi had started his academic career in Ancona, with Claudio Napoleoni and Giorgio Fuà. He had also worked at Università di Bologna, before he eventually moved to Venice. He was a devoted scholar. He focused his research on the theory of oligopoly and on the theory of industrial economics. He always interpreted both fields of study, combining theoretical rigour and attention to applied studies. A message from Ignazio Musu to the SIE Secretariat reads: "In my opinion, we should all remember his intellectual shrewdness and the fact that he was critical – but always in a discreet way – of those commonplaces that so often occur in our discipline." Let's just share Musu’s words. 


EmTASK – Focus Earthquake

Modena DSCG – Via Campi, 103 – Modena | 26-28 May 2017

 Nell'ambito del Corso di Perfezionamento in Emergenze Territoriali, Ambientali e Sanitarie, un weekend di lezioni e seminari aperto al pubblico dedicato ad approfondimenti sul rischio sismico. interverrà anche Francesco Pagliacci >>



Latest publications

Innovation intermediaries and performance-based incentives: a case study of regional innovation poles

Margherita Russo Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Riccardo Righi
Science and Public Policy, scy028, 16 march 2018

Le misure regionali di reddito minimo in Italia

Giovanni Gallo, 30th Jenuary2018

Individual Heterogeneity and Pension Choices: Evidence from Italy

Giovanni Gallo, Costanza Torricelli, Arthur van Soeste
In Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, volume 148, April 2018, pp. 260-281

The guilty tax evasion (Le evasioni colpevoli)

Paolo Bosi
La rivista il Mulino, 7 December 2017

P.I.P.P.I.: What has changed? How and why? The empirical evidence

Francesca Santello, Sara Colombini, Marco Ius, Paola Milani
Rivista Italiana di Educazione Familiare, n. 2 - 2017, pp. 111-136

​​Modeling and estimating the economic and social impact of the results of the project Re-search Alps

Margherita Russo, Francesco Guerra, Francesco Pagliacci,Matteo Paganelli, Loȉc Petit, Frederic Olland, Emmanuel Weisenburger, Emanuela Zilio
CAPP Working Paper n. 160

P.I.P.P.I. Program of Intervention for Prevention of Institutionalization

Sara Colombini, Paola Milani 04/12/2017

"Fate Prima" Magazine

"Fate Prima" Magazine

In memory of Andrea Ginzburg

March 3rd 2018
In memory of Andrea Ginzburg

Così il ReI diventa universale

Massimo Baldini 07/11/2017