Conferences, seminars and workshops

Corporate and territorial welfare: benefits for everyone?

Modena | 22 March 2019
with the participation of Paolo Bosi and Maria Cecilia Guerra

The results of the Dignity Income: evaluation and prospects

Bari | 1 marzo 2019
with the participation of Massimo Baldini


Modena | December 10th 2018
With the participation of Massimo Baldini and Maria Cecilia Guerra, this will be a meeting about the issue of challenges opened by the new millennium, from climate changes to planetary inequalities in acceding to food, water, energy, environment, education and health.

The major issues of the economic politics. Review of the Pensions Act: who will pay for young people’s pensions?

Bologna | December 3rd 2018
Speaking tour of the publishing Society “Il Mulino” about the issues of the economic politics with the participation of Carlo Mazzaferro.

A debate: equality currency

Bologna | November 27th 2018
With the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra and Stefano Toso

PolicySeminar UniFE. Fifty years of second tier of collective bargaining negotiations: what do we learn from Lamborghini-case?

Ferrara | November 27th 2018
Armanda Cetrulo, Pasquale Pavone and Margherita Russo introduce the research work resulting from an agreement between Automobili Lamborghini Ltd. and the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli – Psychology Department and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Marco Biagi Economics Department.

Art. 53 of the Constitution – Revenue progressiveness: Flat Tax: equal parts among unequal

Modena | November 27th 2018
Series of meetings “Equal before the law…70 years after the establishment of the Constitution!” supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation for social studies. With the participation of Massimo Baldini.

Panel discussion: When we were so close: Italy-Europe, what happened then?

Rome | November 16th 2018
With the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra

ESPON Scientific Conference 2018 "Building the next generation of research on territorial development"

London | 14th November, 2018
With the participation of Francesco Pagliacci

Presentation of citizenship research: a project for our children’s future

Castelfranco Emilia | November 7th 2018
An introduction to citizenship made by the Council Member for Education and Deputy Mayor of Castelfranco Maurizia Cocchi Bonora and Giuseppe Fiorani, who will show the findings of this research.



Corporate and territorial welfare: benefits for everyone?

Modena | 22 March 2019

During the initiative, will be presented the risults of the research about company bargaining in the province of Modena.

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Expert Group Meeting on Eradicating Rural Poverty to Implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Addis Ababa , 27 February-1 March 2019

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Latest publications

The beneficiaries of the policies? Better if the algorithm decides them

Monica Andini, Emanuele Ciani, Guido de Blasio e Alessio D'Ignazio, 22/01/2019

Reddito di cittadinanza: hurry is the enemy of effectiveness

Massimo Baldini, 18/01/2019

Se evadi ti premio, ma se lo fai per avere il reddito di cittadinanza ti mando in galera

Maria Cecilia Guerra
Huffington Post, 14/01/2019

INcome for the firms, less money to poors

Maria Cecilia Guerra
Il Fatto Quotidiano, 2019 10th January

The hidden cut of the pensions

Carlo Mazzaferro 2019, January 8th

What Happened to CIT collection? Solving the Rates-Revenues Puzzle

Antonella Caiumi, Ina Majewski, Gaëtan Nicodème
European Commission Taxation Paper n. 74

If the occupation don't stop poverty

Massimo Baldini, Giovanni Gallo 21/12/2018

Da politiche di reddito minimo a sistemi integrati nel contrasto alla povertà? Un’analisi di dieci paesi sistemi europei, Rivista italiana delle politiche sociali

Massimo Baldini, Giovanni Busilacchi, Giovanni Gallo
La Rivista delle Politiche Sociali, n. 2/2018, pp. 189-212

A present for freelence and mini-entrepeneurs

Massimo Baldini 20/11/2018

Why firms will pay more taxes

Silvia Giannini, Paolo Panteghini 13/11/2018