Conference “For a good and full employment”

Modena | October 20th 2017

With the participation of Tindara Addabbo in the session about Conversations in terms of labour relations “What policies to contrast discriminations in employment?” and of Maria Cecilia Guerra in the panel discussion “Left-wing dialogues for job and knowledge. With full rights for everyone”.

Conference “For a good and full employment”

October 20th 2017

Homeroom East

Marco Biagi Economics Department

Beginning from the figure of Bruno Trentin – now reaching his tenth anniversary of death and on the occasion of the release of his diaries (1988-1994) – this study day aims to establish a comparison between university students and one branch of politico-trade-union world, in order to talk, in a documented manner, about the right to employment and the good and full employment. Such initiative characterizes the fifth edition of the lecture series “Conversations in terms of labour relations”.