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School, Freedom and Justice: “A jobless society?”

Bologna | May 6th and 20th 2017

Two study days in order to understand Italy today and perhaps the world of tomorrow with the participation of Tindara Addabbo, Giuseppe Fiorani and Stefano Toso.

Freedom and Justice | School of Bologna 2017 “A jobless society?”

Bologna, May 6th and 20th 2017 – via Cividali 13 c/o Coop Ansaloni

Speeches and CVs

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May 6th 2017 

10,00 a.m. – screening of the documentary movie “In The Same Boat” by Rudy Gnutti  
11,15 a.m. – debate with G.Fiorani, F.Garibaldo, T.Menzani
1,30 p.m. – Lunch buffet
2,30 p.m. - G.Fiorani: Productive and technological transformations and the consequences on economy and society 

May 20th 2017

10,00 a.m. – G.Marotta: The Euro and European Union exit risks
11,30 a.m. – F.Garibaldo: Will job really decrease? And will it be automation’s fault?
1,00 p.m. – Lunch buffet
2,00 p.m. – S.Toso: Basic income: dark and handsome? Pros and cons of a sweeping reform hypothesis of the social security systems
3,30 p.m. – T.Addabbo: In-equalities and discriminations. Will they ever be removed?