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Workshop: L’industria automotive italiana: quadro attuale e scenari futuri

Venezia | December 16th 2016

Margherita Russo participates in the Round Table at the presentation of the 2016 Report of the Observatory on Italian automotive components.

Measuring the impact of academic research: best practices and open questions

London | December 2nd 2016

Federica Rossi presents "Academic engagement as knowledge co-production, and the implications for impact: evidence from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships"

Conference "Do it before!"

Modena | 26 november 2016

Margherita Russo presents a report about the results of the Energie Sisma Emilia Project

Concersations about city. Recycle industrial districts.

Modena | 21 november 2016

Margherita Russo participates

ICAS VII – Seventh International Conference on Agriculutral Statistics

Roma | 26-28 ottobre 2016

Francesco Pagliacci presents "Measuring EU Rurality: An updated Peripherurality Indicator" at VII International Conference on Agricultural Statistics

To get an idea!

Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation | 13/10/2016

To get an idea!

WIVACE 2016: the Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation

Salerno | 4-5 October 2016

Riccardo Righi presents "New paths for the application of DCI in social sciences: theoretical issues regarding an empirical analysis", in collaboration with Andrea Roli, Margherita Russo, Roberto Serra e Marco Villani

Conference "Children of Emilia-Romagna: from the listening of territory to the sharing of a reform"

Bologna | 30 september 2016

Manuel Reverberi and Andrea Trapani present a paper entitled "Children, families and the participation in the childcare services"

Annual SIEP (Società Italiana Economia Pubblica) Conference 2016

Lecce | 22-23 september 2016

Massimo Baldini prsents the Report about italian public finance 2016, a paper about the quality of government and subjective poverty in Europe and is the chair of the la session dedicated to WElfare State. Giovanni Gallo presents a paper about  "Social transfers and poverty in Europe: comparing effectiveness and targeting across welfare regimes" 

Aisre 2016

Ancona | 20-22 settembre 2016

Enrico Giovannetti and Francesco Pagliacci present a paper at XXXVII Annual Conference AISRe  "Quali confini? Territori tra identità e integrazione internazionale" 

OECD Blue Sky Conference 2016

Ghent | 19-21 September 2016

Margherita Russo presents the paper "Multilayer network analysis of innovation intermediaries’ activities: methodological issues and an application to a regional policy programme" by Annalisa Caloffi, Riccardo Righi, Simone Righi, Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo

OECD High-Level Event on the Knowledge Triangle

Paris | 15-16 September 2016

Enhancing the Contributions of Higher Education and Research Institutions to Innovation Federica Rossi takes part in the Session 5: Enhancing the impacts of KT activities on economy and society

Conference "Italian Public Finance"

Rome | 13 September 2016

Massimo Baldini and Giampaolo Arachi present the volume "Italian Public Finance"

EMEM 2016 "Design the future"

Modena | 7-9 September 2016

Paola Mengoli, keynote speaker at the conference, will present a talk on innovation practices in education technology, Margherita Russo takes part in the panel session on robotics and will give a talk on non-linear digital storytelling

ESA 2016

Bergen, Norway | 31 agosto - 3 settembre 2016

At the European Meeting of the Economic Science Association, Francesca Pancotto presents a contribution, with Francesco Codeluppi and Simone Righi, on a field experiment on: Is pro-sociality intuitive or does it require self-control? Is deliberative self-control necessary to reign in selfish impulses, or does self-interested deliberation restrain an intuitive desire to cooperate? 

ERSA 2016: Cities & Regions: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive?

Vienna | 23-26 August 2016

Congress of the European Regional Science Association: two interventions of CAPP researchers on counterfactual analysis: Annalisa Caloffi presents a paper, with Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo, on innovation policies; Francesco Pagliacci presents a paper, with Margherita Russo, on the appropriate unit of investigation to analyze the effects of a natural disaster

Workshop on "Multidimensional Scaling and Data Envelopment Analysis"

Modena, 20-21 July 2016

Methods are presented both in theory and with applications on Higher Education evaluation, regional innovation policies, post earthquake revovery

19th Uddevalla Symposium 2016, Geography, Open Innovation, Diversity and Entrepreneurship

London | 30/06/2016-02/07/2016

Federica Rossi presents the paper Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries: evidence from regional innovation poles (Margherita Russo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Riccardo Righi) at the 9th Uddevalla Symposium 2016.

Universities’ engagement in knowledge exchange: What do successful strategies look like?

London | 29/06/2016

Federica Rossi presents the paper Third mission profiles and universities’ strategies: an exploratory analysis of the UK higher education sector (Federica Rossi, Marti Sagarra, Eva de la Torre) at Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR).

Second European Conference on Social Networks

Paris | 14-17/06/2016

Margherita Russo presents the paper Analysis of content and networks of virtual relationships: promotion of the system of innovation poles in the web space  (by M. Di Cristofaro, V. Fiordelmondo, S. Ghinoi, M. Russo) and the paper Emerging communities in multilayers networks: Analysis of a regional policy programme (by A. Caloffi, R. Righi, S. Righi, F. Rossi and M. Russo) at the 2nd European Conference on Social Networks .

20th DRUID Conference

Copenaghen | 13-15/06/2016

Annalisa Caloffi presents the paper Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries: evidence from regional innovation poles (Margherita Russo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Riccardo Righi) at the 20th DRUID Conference.

JADT2016 Journées internationales d'Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles

Nice| 7-10/06/2016

Pasquale Pavone presents the paper Text Mining and network analysis to support improvements in legislative action. The case of the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna  (by P. Pavone, M. Russo, S. Righi e R. Righi)  at JADT2016

Department of Technology and Ecology, University of Kyoto

Meeting | 19-20/05/2016

Department of Economics Marco Biagi

Internationalization, outsourcing and labour fragmentation. The case of FIAT

Workshop | 30/05/2016 | 2-4 p.m. | DEMB - seminar room

Giovanni Balcet (Unv. di Torino) and Grazia Ietto-Gillies (Birkbeck Univ., London) with Francesco Garibaldo (Fondazione Sabbatini) and Francesco Zirpoli (Univ. di Venezia)

Enhancing the resilience of social infrastructures

DEMB | 18-19/05/ 2016

by the research group of Energie Sisma Emilia

Children's conditions in Modena: perceptions and local strategies

About Ermanno Gorrieri's social studies project | 17/05/2016 | h. 18.00

Modena | Europa Palace | Via Emilia Ovest 101

Project "A Scuola di Open coesione"

DEMB Aula Seminari | 10/05/2016 h: 12

Seminar with the participation of the students of SIA ITE Jacopo Barozzi and of the LM Economics and Public Policy

14th International Conference on Pension, Insurance and Savings

Paris | Dauphine University | 09/05/2016

Giovanni Gallo: Individual heterogeneity and pension choices: How to communicate an effective message?

EGPA Spring workshop 2016

Modena | DEMB | 05-06/05/2016

Anna Francesca Pattaro, Marco Ranuzzini: Emergency  response among rules and reality. Extraordinary accounting in Emilia-Romagna earthquake.


DEMB Aula Seminari | 27/04/2016 h: 12

Paolo Cardullo's seminar for researchers and students

News: project Energie Sisma Emilia

Paolo Cardullo, PhD Visual Anthropolgy

From April 26 to 29 2016 | DEMB

Demographic transition, demographic polarization and structural disequilibrium in the labour market

Michele Bruni's seminar for researchers and students: a proposals for a new research agenda

Fondazione Marco Biagi | 21/04/2016 h: 14.30

Fuele Cell: it's time to invest


industry and academic research: interactions to build a road map

Building the Welfare of Rights

Third national meeting for a reform proposal | 08/04/2016

Milan | Centro Servizi, building of the Banca Popolare of Milan | Conference hall | via Massaua 6

BOMOPAV Economics Meetings 2016

Joint Workshop by the Departments of Economics of: Bologna, Modena-Reggio Emilia, Padova, and Venezia | 06/04/2016

Bologna| Aula 11 - Department of Economics – Piazza Scaravilli 2

Work, care, migrants

Seminar about "La cura servile, la cura che serve" A. Sciurba | 30/03/2016 | h. 17:45-19:00

Modena | Piazza Grande | Europa Renzo Imbeni Gallery, 17

Verso gli stati generali al femminile. Ieri, oggi e domani... L'italia delle donne

A convention about policies in gender perspective organized by the national association of city councils (anci) | 24/03/2016

Milan | Moriggia palace | The Risorgimento Museum | Via Borgonuovo, 2

Gender income difference in the Public Administration

Seminar of the Central Committee for Guaranteeing Equal Opportunities | 04/03/2016 | h. 9:30 - 13:00

Modena | Law Department, Conference Hall | Via S. Geminiano, 3

Policies coping with equity. The support to the active inclusion and the role of the local institutions

Municipality of Modena | 15/01/2016 | h.18:00

Modena | Palazzina Pucci - via Canaletto 108