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Regional Economics and digital transformations (CIMR Debates and workshops in public policy

con la partecipazione di Federica Rossi

2 marzo 2022, evento online

Digital transformation is a key strategic issue for countries and regions aiming to boost economic growth, job creation, technology development, and innovation. In particular, emerging digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data and analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are transforming sectors, value chains, production systems, but also cities and communities. These technologies are expected to shape the geography of innovation and knowledge production; yet, different regions can have different abilities to successfully exploit the range of opportunities they create.
In this panel debate, we discuss the elements that need to be in place for regions to successfully harness the digital transformation with a particular attention on the 'Internet of Things', the roles of universities, government agencies, businesses, and other organisations in creating such favourable conditions, and the main challenges that regions need to address to increase their 'digital readiness'.