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Does Inequality Matter? How People Perceive Economic Disparities and Social Mobility

with the participation of Emanuele Ciani

Virtual launch of new OECD report and high-level roundtable 18 November 2021 16:00-17:30, withh the participation of Emanuele Ciani

To better understand what factors drive public support, the new OECD report Does Inequality Matter? provides a detailed cross-country analysis of what people think of inequality and how this shapes their demand for inequality-reducing policies.
The report will be launched during a high-level roundtable where panelists will discuss how people’s perceptions of and concern over inequality can inform policy-making. The event will be open to all, including media, civil society, policy professionals, academics, statisticians, and others interested in people’s perceptions of inequality and their implications for designing successful policies.

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