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“Towards an integrated plan of interventions on buildings’ and territorial systems’ seismic improvement and energy efficiency- RISE”

[online event] 27 october 2020, 10.00 - 18.15 Co-ordinators: Stefano Pampanin and Margherita Russo


The implementation of integrated seismic improvement and energy efficiency interventions can now rely on sufficiently adequate knowledge and techniques and on tax incentives recently introduced by the Italian Government for architectural renovations, energy efficiency (Eco-Bonus) and seismic improvement (Sisma-Bonus) of the existing buildings.

These conditions represent a significant step and an important opportunity to undertake a coordinated national plan for integrated interventions (with a multi-performance approach to be implemented according to a risk-based priority scale) for the short, medium and long-term redevelopment of the Italian building heritage. It would be a unique plan in Italian history, aligned with the best international models.

If well structured and supported, such a plan will be able to self-finance in the medium term.

Its realization will make it possible to:

– save lives and limit economic and social costs that are no longer acceptable;
– improve the functionality and quality of homes and the value of the Italian building heritage;
– revive the building and construction sector;
- triggering an economic dynamic that significantly affects (directly and indirectly) the reduction of the public debt / GDP ratio, also allowing for a significant increase in well-being and wealth for the entire country.

Adequate skills, multidisciplinary vision, public-private partnership and the involvement of all stakeholders are essential elements for a national plan that aims to improve current conditions and build the conditions for future generations to benefit from the choices and interventions that today we will be able to design and to achieve.

Ambition: to dialogue with the government and support it in creating a permanent operating unit able to analyse, to process, to review and implement actions, with institutional and economic independence, able to survive the individual governments, in the light of the best national and international experiences.

On 27 October 2020: a first meeting “Towards an integrated plan of interventions on buildings’ and territorial systems’ seismic improvement and energy efficiency- RISE”. We begin to give rise to the development of a shared vision, to outline an all-round analysis and to identify the tools necessary to make a national plan socially and economically sustainable.

Objective of this day: to open a dialogue between the many skills needed to think about RISE.

Participants: the organizers have involved researchers and stakeholders with scientific, technical, productive and constructive, legal, economic, social, managerial, political and administrative skills: a starting point for the activation of an integrated approach in the technical-production-social-financial chain.

How we will orient the discussion, both in the plenary sessions and in the work in small groups: interventions must indicate solutions to problems and highlight the missing pieces, in skills and procedures.

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