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40th International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation-IWPLMS 2019

Düsseldorf | 9-10 September 2019

with the participation of Margherita Russo

9-10 settembre 2019
Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

The International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation is an annual international meeting of experts specialized in labour market segmentation approach. It is coordinated by an International Steering Committee. Each year the papers are built around a central axis proposed to the participants of the meeting as a guide for submitting projects. The theme of the next annual meeting that will be held in Düsseldorf is "The search for security under disruptive technologies and deconstructed labour markets "
Margherita Russo presented two papers:

Margherita Russo, Pasquale Pavone, Armanda Cetrulo: From wage bargaining to the negotiation on “cognitive surplus value”: reflections on a laboratory for Industry 4.0 in Lamborghini 

Jorge Carreto, Pasquale Pavone, Margherita Russo, Annamaria Simonazzi: The impact of digital transformation in the automotive supply chain. The case of Mexico