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A debate: equality currency

Bologna | November 27th 2018

With the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra and Stefano Toso

Tuesday  November 27th | 5,30 p.m.
Economics, Management and Statistics School, room 1, first floor, P.zza Scaravilli 2, Bologna.

Has the equality principle got into a crisis?
In front of an inequalities explosion, should we reformulate the principles underlying the basis of an idea of freedom and democracy that arise from the principle of equality? 
In a debate entitled “Equality currency, in order to nearly conclude the Days on inequalities”, we will discuss about it with:

Luigi Ferrajoli, Jurist, Emeritus, University Roma 3
Maria Cecilia Guerra, Economist, former Parliament’s Member, University of Modena-Reggio Emilia
Fabrizio Mastromartino, Philosopher, University Roma 3
Stefano Toso, Economist, University of Bologna
Conducted by
Pier Giorgio Ardeni, Chair, Istituto Cattaneo.

Link to the initiative programme

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