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Seminars "The voices of regional policy actors"

Modena | November 9th-30th 2017

Paola Bertolini organizes the seminars within the course of Regional Policy, Master in Economics and Public Policies.

The voices of regional policy actors

 The course of Regional Policy (prof. Paola Bertolini)

 Master in Economics and Public Policies

invite you to attend the following seminars

at Aula Seminari of the Department of Economics Marco Biagi:

Thursday November  9 -  12:00am-13:30 pm

Kees De Roest, Head of  Research Unit Economics of the Centre for Research on Animal Production (CRPA)

Good practises of Regional Policy through the discussion of the  results of the Project “Rithinking Farm Modernisation and Rural Resilience”

 Thursday  November  16 -  10:00am-11:45am

Daniela Ferrara, Coordination unit of ERDF and ESF programmes, Emilia Romagna Region

European Regional Policy from planning to implementation: the case of Emilia Romagna 2014-20 ERDF ROP

Thursday November  16 - 12:00am-13:30 pm

Anna Maria Linsalata, Communication Department, Emilia-Romagna Region

Communicate European Union and EU Funds: the case of the communication strategy of Emilia Romagna ROP ERDF

Thursday November 23 - 12:00am-13:30 *

Giovanni Fini, Energy Area and Environment Department,  City of Bologna

Urban Policy in Regional Policy 2014-20: the application in the city of Bologna

Thursday November  30  - 12:00am-13:30

Elvira Mirabella, Local Action Group (LAG) “Antico Frignano e dell'Appennino Reggiano”

The  rural development policy of Emilia Romagna and the role of LEADER Programme

* The seminar will be held in Room B (Fontanelli Building)