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Literacy, learning, art

Rovigo | March 17th-18th 2017

Conference on the cultural divide of the weak rural areas with the participation of Paola Bertolini, Enrico Giovannetti, Francesco Pagliacci

Political and Social Science Department  - University of Trieste, Ethical Responsibility Cultural Foundation – Ethical People’s Bank, Social Cooperative Porto Alegre – Rovigo

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Literacy, learning, art. The cultural divide of the weak rural areas

March 17th-18th 2017
Palazzo Celio
Via Ricchieri, 10

Enrico Giovannetti, Paola Bertolini and Francesco Pagliacci introduce a relation on “Memory as an analysis tool for the rural areas. The 2016 earthquake case”. 
This conference represents an important opportunity even because it links the academic world with operators in this field, with the purpose to capture and discuss the varied complexity of the areas at risk of marginalization in our country. 

Conference abstract