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Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: policy and practice

[online event] 7 luglio 2020, ore 14.00 - 16.30

organized by CIMR,Birkbeck University

Innovation intermediaries are organisations that support firm-level and systemic innovation by, among other activities, creating knowledge links between other organisations, sharing knowledge about a particular technology, providing knowledge-intensive services to firms, and carrying out consultancy activity for policymakers. Intermediaries can play a particularly important role in the implementation of new digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, where they might deliver a range of activities not only to support the alignment of different actors and opportunities, and to encourage learning processes, but also to facilitate the articulation of demand. Intermediaries operating in such rapidly changing context are required to govern a process of change that is uncertain in both nature and direction, and poorly understood by policymakers, firms and often even by experts. This workshop aims to foster a timely discussion about the new roles and activities that intermediaries perform as they support firms in the digital transition, and the knowledge and resources they mobilise in order to do so.
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Dr Federica Rossi, CIMR,