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In memory of professor Lorenzo Bianchi

July 13th 2017

It is with deep sadness that the SIE announces the passing away of Lorenzo Bianchi, full professor of Economics at Universitā Ca' Foscari. Renzo Bianchi had started his academic career in Ancona, with Claudio Napoleoni and Giorgio Fuā. He had then worked at University of Bologna before moving to Venice. He was a dedicated scholar of the oligopoly theory and industrial economics issues that he used to interpret combining theoretical rigour and attention to applied studies. A message from Ignazio Musu to the SIE Secretariat reads: "In my opinion, we should all remember his intellectual shrewdness and the fact that he was critical – but always in a discrete way – of those commonplaces that so often occur in our discipline." Let's just share Musu’s words.