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National strategy for Inner Areas: building a policy and implementation

DEMB Aula Seminari, ala ovest | 08/03/2016 | h. 14.15

Seminar by Sabrina Lucatelli (Department of Development Policies - Ministry of Treasury)

In Italy, Inner Areas represent about 53% of Italian municipalities (4 261). They host 23% of Italian population (i.e., 13.54 million inhabitants) and they cover 60% of the Italian territory. The National Strategy for Inner Areas is the answer that three governments have given to the marginalisation process that has characterised the recent history of these areas. This marginalisation has led to degradation, and in some cases also to the loss, of social, historic and environmental heritage of these areas. Since its start, two years ago, the National Strategy for Inner Areas has selected, in agreement with Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces, 65 inner areas, testing a new and partecipated method. The Strategy has started working in each region’s prototype area and in two experimental areas. The lecture will cover: 1) The political process for the Strategy building according to the EU Partnership Agreement ; 2) Some methodological issues: mapping Inner Areas; using thw website “Open Aree Interne”, which comprises many indicators for policy makers and citizens; 3) Strategy implementation: the case of Antola Tigullio and Valchiavenna.

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