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Enhancing the resilience of social infrastructures

DEMB | 18-19/05/ 2016

by the research group of Energie Sisma Emilia


Paola Bertolini, UniMORE (Ita)
Giuliano Carrozzi, ASL-Modena (Ita)
Maurizio Casoni, UniMORE (Ita)
Fabrizio Curcio, Protezione Civile - Capo del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile
Luigi D'Angelo, Protezione Civile - Ufficio Relazioni Istituzionali, Servizio Relazioni Internazionali
Manuela  Farinosi, University of Udine (Ita)
Leopoldina Fortunati, University of Udine (Ita)
Donata Franzi, UniMORE (Ita)
Francesco Raphael Frieri, Emilia Romagna Region (Ita)
Cristina Garzillo, ICLEI (DE)
Enrico Giovannetti, UniMORE (Ita)
Luigi Enrico Golzio, UniMORE (Ita)
Micheal  Guggheneim, Goldsmiths University (UK)
Paolo Lauriola, ARPAE Emilia Romagna (Ita)
Barbara Luppi, UniMORE (Ita)
Biagio Oppi, Global Alliance and FERPI (Ita)
Francesco Pagliacci, UniMORE (Ita)
Francesca Pancotto, UniMORE (Ita)
Anna Francesca Pattaro, UniMORE (Ita)
Stefano Pedrazzi, Ot Consulting (Ita)
Katrina Petersen, Lancaster University (UK)
Christian Quintili, Action Aid Italia
Simone Righi, UniMORE (Ita)
Riccardo Righi, UniMORE (Ita)
Margerita Russo, UniMORE (Ita)
Paolo Silvestri, UniMORE (Ita)
Stefano Vaccari, Senato della Repubblica
Marco Villani, UniMORE (Ita)

Programme in pdf

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

9.00                 Opening and welcome addresses

                        Margherita Russo (UniMORE): From Energie Sisma Emilia to EnS IR

9.00-11.00        Session 1 – Theoretical Perspectives

Defining Resilience (Michael Guggenheim – Goldsmiths)

Resilience and the structure of complex systems (Roberto Serra and Marco Villani  - UniMORE)

Infrastructuring and repair (Monica Busher and Katrina Petersen - Lancaster University)

11.00-11.15 break

11.15-13.15      Session 2 – Issues for resilience

Multilevel coordination: emergence phase & reconstruction phase in the 2012 Earthquake in Emilia, Italy (Francesco Pagliacci and Margherita Russo - UniMORE)

Resilient local governments (European cities) (Cristina Garzillo – ICLEI)

Environmental health emergencies: principles and tools to understand and face the effects. The role of Epidemiology (Paolo Lauriola – Arpae Emilia-Romagna )

13.15-14.15      lunch

14.15-16.15      Session 3 – Risk communication

The UK (communication)(Michael Guggenheim - Goldsmiths)

The management of the 'last mile' in risk communication (Leopoldina Fortunati and Manuela Farinosi - University of Udine)

Title to be defined (Fabrizio Curcio - Italian National Civil Protection)

16.15-16.30 break

16.30-18.30      Session 4 - ICT platform design and implementation

Collaborative and robust PA infrastructures (Francesco Raphael Frieri, RER)

Optimization of organization - Capturing and reproducing best practices (Stefano Pedrazzi - OT Consulting)

Security:Building the resilience through software-defined network orchestration

(Maurizio Casoni) (UniMORE)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

9.00-9.30          Resilience and organization

Hints & suggestions from participants discussing with Luigi E. Golzio

9.30-11.00        Session 5 - Testing

Hints & suggestions from participants:

Summary report on the discussion to frame the Work Package on Testing

11.00-12.30      Discussing next steps

11.00-11.20      Donata Franzi: opportunities from H2020

11.20-12.20      Open discussion

12.20-12.30      Summing up

12.30             lunch