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International colloquium of Gerpisa 2021

[evento online] 14-18 giugno 2021

Con la partecipazione di Margherita Russo

International colloquium of Gerpisa 2021
The transformations of the global automotive industry: digitalisation, ecological transition and the impact of the Covid 19 crisis


Monday 14th June | Regional & Global Value Chains 1 Session n. 3

Russo, M. , Alboni F., De Domenico M., Carreto-Sangines J., Mangioni G., Righi S., et al. (2021).  Mapping specialisations in the international trade of automotive components and parts: a multilayer network analysis. Gerpisa colloquium. Abstract -  Video Presentation

Thursday 17th June | Challenges and contradictions of the greening of the industry 1 Session n. 13

Russo, M ., Alboni F., Murgolo E., Carreto-Sanginés J., Simonazzi A., & Pavone P. (2021).  Complex network analysis of the dynamic of changes in the electric vehicle agent and artifact space. Gerpisa colloquium. Abstract  - Video Presentation