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Well-being area hosts innovative research and consultancy activities on public policies evaluation and measurement of different dimensions of well being involving CAPP members since its constitution.

A first research area is concerned with well being gender budgeting. Taking the lead from Amartya Sen's capability approach in 2002 CAPP members developed a methodology that can measure the contribution of institutions to human development and evaluate public budgets and policies in a gender and well being perspective. Well being gender budgets have been first applied to the municipality & district of Modena and in Region Emilia Romagna for then being developed in other local governments of Italy and in other countries (amongst them Spain and Turkey).

A second research area concerns the evaluation of public and private institutions (work-life balance and work) in terms of gender equity with the application of methodologies able to guide the institution in the achievement of gender equity.

Other areas concern the measurement of different dimensions of well being with research on culture and quality of urban life, child well being and health in a gender perspective.