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Presentation of the volume: The Italian public finance. 2018 report.

Rome, Chamber of Deputies | September 13th 2018

Massimo Baldini introduces the volume “The Italian public finance”

7th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality ECINEQ

New York | 17th-19th July 2017

Luca Silvestri presents the paper "Quality of government and subjective poverty in Europe", by Massimo Baldini, Vito Peragine and Luca Silvestri.

LISER Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research: Research Seminar

Luxembourg | February 16th 2017 H. 12:00

Giovanni Gallo presents the paper "Social transfers and poverty in Europe: comparing exclusion and targeting across welfare regimes".

Building the Welfare of Rights

Third national meeting for a reform proposal | 08/04/2016

Milan | Centro Servizi, building of the Banca Popolare of Milan | Conference hall | via Massaua 6

The Italian public finance 2015 Report

Presentation of the book | 22/09/2015

Rome | Unicredit - Sala Minerva via Lata 3 (angolo via del Corso)

Active Inclusion Strategy (SIA) for Italy

Workshop | 03/12/2013 | h. 13:30

Milano | Bocconi University , room AS02 - via Roentgen 1

Retirement, participation rates and economic downturn in Italy: assessing the relationship through CAPP_DYN

Workshop "Tackling Pensions Challenges in Europe - Better policies through better modelling" | 27/11/2013


Housing, Inequality and Welfare

Workshop CRISS and La Sapienza University | 09/05/2013 | h. 10:45

Roma | Economics Department, Palazzina della Presidenza, Sala del Consiglio

National conference for the study and comparison of INCOMES, WORK and FAMILIES. Inequalities and redistributive policies during the economic recession

Palazzo Europa, Modena, 23 - 24 novembre 2012 Sala Ermanno Gorrieri

with the partecipation of M.C.Guerra, M.Baldini, S.Toso

Pension reform and labour market in Italy. Discovering the matching through dynamic microsimulation

European meeting of international microsimulation association | 17-19/05/2012