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Talk - The new social and economic balances: an inevitable path for the recovery of the economy

27 may 2020

Before the virus, globalization faltered, between commercial and technological clashes and hostility between the two major powers, the United States and China. Now it risks falling apart: the competition for world hegemony does not go into quarantine during the pandemic, if anything it becomes ruthless. How will we get out of this crisis? What will change in the governance principles of the countries and in our cities?

Lucia Maggiolo, studio legale avv. Lucia Maggiolo
Margherita Russo, Dipartimento di Economia Marco Biagi
Piero Pellizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer - Direttore Progetto "Cittą Resilienti"del Comune di Milano

Lena Ferrari,  entrepreneur engineer of SUNOIKEO