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Workshop CAPP on innovation policies

Modena | July 14th 2017 10,30 a.m. – 5,00 p.m.

This workshop gives a chance to discuss the research findings yielded by CAPP on two empirical analyses carried out in cooperation with the Region of Tuscany and the European Commission Joint Research Centre. A special session will be on More-Alps project, fulfilled in cooperation with LM LACOM (Master’s degree in Languages for Communication in International Enterprises and Organizations) of DSLC-Unimore (Department of Studies on Languages and Cultures of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) and the EUSALP Action Group 1.

Workshop on innovation policies

Modena, July 14th 2017 Marco Biagi Economics Department
viale Berengario 51, first floor West wing, Workshops Room


10,30 a.m. – 10,45 a.m.
Presentation of the workshop issues and of the participants, Francesco Pagliacci (CAPP)

1_More-Alps: focus on the policies for innovation ecosystems

10,45 a.m. – 11,30 a.m.
The Regional Operation Plan in theoretical and practical terms: implications in the analysis of the area EUSALP policies, Albino Caporale, Region of Tuscany

11,30 a.m. -12,30 p.m.
A comparative analysis of the ROPs (Regional Operation Plans) and of the innovation measures in the alpine regions, LACOM students of the More-Alps project and the CAPP research team

12,30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. Pause

2_Focus on the analysis of the innovation policies

2,30 p.m. – 2,50 p.m.
Incentives for research and development: should they be individual or for collaborative projects? , Annalisa Caloffi (UNIPD and CAPP) e Margherita Russo (UNIMORE and CAPP)

2,50 – 3,15 discussion

3_Regional Policies in Tuscany

3,15 p.m. – 3,45 p.m.
Digitalization challenges for the productive systems in Tuscany: the regional policies, Albino Caporale, Region of Tuscany

3,45 p.m. – 4,00 p.m.
"Going Digital": the OECD agenda issues, Margherita Russo (UNIMORE and CAPP)

4,00 p.m. – 4,30 p.m. discussion

4_Analysis on the emerging technologies

4,30 p.m. – 4,45 p.m.
How can we select the agents who operate in new technological and market segments? Theories, analysis tools and applications (UNIMORE in cooperation with European Commission JRC), Annalisa Caloffi (UNIPD and CAPP), Francesco Pagliacci (CAPP), Margherita Russo (UNIMORE and CAPP)

4,30 p.m. – 4,45 p.m. discussion

4,45 p.m. – 5,00 p.m.
Conclusion of the speeches and next meetings

Programme (PDF)