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JUST TO GET AN IMPRESSION! Microcredit: a tool for social inclusion?

Modena | April 3rd 2017 5,00 p.m.

Enrico Giovannetti discusses the issue of microcredit as a tool of social cohesion with Giorgio Bonaga, Francesca Crivellaro and social agents of the territory in the meeting supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation.


Meetings supported by Ermanno Gorrieri Foundation

Tuesday, April 3rd 2017 5,30 p.m.
Hall C - Palazzo Europa

Modena - Via Emilia Ovest, 101
Microcredit: a tool for social inclusion?

We will discuss about it with
Enrico Giovannetti (Capp – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Giorgia Bonaga (Grameen Italia Foundation)
Francesca Crivellaro (Cultural Anthropologist)
Arianna Agnoletto (Terre d’Argine Anti-crisis Fund Project)
Luca Barbari (Porta Aperta)
Emanuela Maria Carta (Modena Volunteering Services Association)
Paola Cigarini (Gruppo Carcere and city)
Nicola Marino (Casa Foundation of Carpi Volunteering)