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ICAS VII – Seventh International Conference on Agriculutral Statistics

Roma | 26-28 ottobre 2016

Francesco Pagliacci presents "Measuring EU Rurality: An updated Peripherurality Indicator" at VII International Conference on Agricultural Statistics

Measuring EU Rurality: An updated Peripherurality Indicator


Francesco Pagliacci1, Roberto Esposti2, Beatrice Camaioni3, Franco Sotte2

1 Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Economics, Modena, Italy

2 Universitą Politecnica delle Marche, Dept. of Economics and Social Sciences, Ancona, Italy

3 The National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA), Rome, Italy

Abstract. In the last decades, EU rural areas have been experiencing major transformations, which have made any traditional urban-rural divide outdated (OECD, 2006). Going beyond urban-rural dichotomy, the paper moves from the analysis of the PeripheRurality Indicator (PRI), computed by Camaioni et al. (2013) for all EU NUTS 3 regions. For each of them, PRI includes both conventional socio-economic indicators and geographical characteristics. Nevertheless, this paper enriches PRI’s original territorial and geographical dimension, by taking explicitly into account even the degree of rurality of neighbouring regions. Eventually, it returns 16 EU typologies of urban-rural areas. Then, such a classification is tested on 2007-2011 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) expenditure data. Indeed, the paper considers the coherence of fund allocation with the real characteristics of EU rural space.

Keywords: Rurality, Peripherality, Spatial analysis