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The new version of the CAPP website was made possible thanks to numerous collaborations within the university: the web team, in particular Paolo Alberici for supervising the website redesigning; Erminia di Santo of the “Marco Biagi” Economics Department for designing and implementing the database online and homepage image creation; Elena Rizzotto and Engerta Gejpali, who took part in the University internship project, for the database management, the creation of the Italian and English version web pages and the entering and control of the data. The English version of this website was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the CAPP research centre and the “Languages for Communication in International Enterprises and Organizations” postgraduate degree. In particular, we would like to thank professor Franca Poppi of the Linguistic and Cultural Studies Department for supporting this project and supervising Chiara Zaza’s degree thesis "Translating into English as a Lingua Franca: the translation of the CAPP website as a case study" (co-advisor: Professor Margherita Russo). This project was coordinated by Sara Colombini.

18th March 2016