Tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union

Collaboration in Micro-simulation area

Euromod is a unique tax-benefits model for Europe. It enables researchers to simulate, in a comparative manner, systems of every single country in the European Union. It is currently managed by a consortium of research centers from each European state member, coordinated by the University of Essex (UK).
CAPP researchers contributed, as Italian correspondents, to build the first pioneering version of the model, financed by European research funds. In the following years, CAPP researchers took part to a number of European research projects aimed to further developments of Euromod. More recently, they spent a visiting period at Essex University to work with the model.

Main contributions of CAPP members to research reports on Euromod building and usage:

  • H. Sutherland, F. Figari, O.Lelkes, H. Levy, C. Lietz, D.Mantovani and A.Paulus (2008), IMPROVING THE CAPACITY AND USABILITY OF EUROMOD – FINAL REPORT, I-CUE Improving the Capacity and Usability of EUROMOD Design Study, EUROMOD Working Paper No. EM4/08
  • D. Mantovani (2008), Composition of social transfer expenditure and redistribution in the European Union, Deliverable D6.1 “Tax-benefit classification systems” I-CUE Improving the Capacity and Usability of EUROMOD Design Study implemented as a Specific Support Action, April 2008
  • D. Mantovani, S. Nienadowska (2007), Tax evasion in Italy, AIM- AP Report. Ricerca condotta per : Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society, FP6. Project “AIM-AP (Accurate Income Measurement for the Assessment of Public Policies)
  • P. Bosi, M. Baldini, D. Mantovani (1997), Indirect taxes in EUROMOD a European Benefit, in Tax Model and Social Integration (Preparatory Study Final report), Edited by Holly Sutherland. Euromod working paper, EM9-01, DAE University of Cambridge