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Internationalization, outsourcing and labour fragmentation. The case of FIAT

Workshop | 30/05/2016 | 2-4 p.m. | DEMB - seminar room

Giovanni Balcet (Unv. di Torino) and Grazia Ietto-Gillies (Birkbeck Univ., London) with Francesco Garibaldo (Fondazione Sabbatini) and Francesco Zirpoli (Univ. di Venezia)

Internationalization, outsourcing and labour fragmentation. The case of FIAT (2016)
Giovanni Balcet and Grazia Ietto-Gillies

Companies’ strategies of domestic and international location of production and of outsourcing are linked to their effects on labour fragmentation and thus to strategies towards labour. Theoretical analysis is followed by an application to the FIAT company. Four post-WWII periods are identified and the above strategies analysed in detail and in the wider context. We conclude that there is historical evidence of: a pattern of strategic moves and countermoves by both FIAT and its labour and Trade Unions; strategies of labour fragmentation.
JEL codes: F16; F23; L24; L62; J5; N64; N84

Giovanni Balcet is Professor of International Economics and International Business, University of Turin (
Grazia Ietto-Gillies is Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics, London South Bank University and Visiting Professor Birkbeck University of London (;

Fulvia D'Aloisio (Universitą di Napoli 2)
Francesco Garibaldo (Fondazione Sabbatini)
Francesco Zirpoli (Universitą di Venezia)

Comments by:
Paola Bertolini, Giovanni Bonifati, Andrea Ginzburg, Enrico iovannetti, Marina Murat, Sergio Paba, Massimo Pilati, Margherita Russo, Giovanni Solinas (Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia) 
Armanda Cetrulo (stage RSU-Lamborghini)
Salvo Leonardi (Istituto di Vittorio, Roma),
Annamaria Simonazzi (Universitą La Sapienza)


Speakers & discussants

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Fulvia D'Aloisio on Fiat-Sata (Melfi, Italy)

Francesco Garibaldo: papers, books and reserach research projects on labour organization and industrial relations

Grazia Ietto-Gillies : publications; visiting at Birkbeck Univ. (London)

Francesco Zirpoli publications| CAMI Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation (Francesco Zirpoli et al.)

Recent publications on Fiat, automotive industry, labour organization and industrial relations: a not complete list, open to update
(notes by Margherita Russo)